Unleash your child's
financial freedom with Jeel!


Unleash your child's
financial freedom with Jeel!

Make Eid extra special for your little ones

Your Jeel child can collect Eidiya from you and others, instantly, anytime, anywhere, and with just a few taps in their app. They share Eidiya links while you decide on the amount to be collected. Spread joy and love without any barriers Weyay!

Money request has never been easier!

Stay engaged in your children’s financial journey, responding to their money requests promptly through the app. You can also allow them to share payment links with others, so they get paid smoothly and securely.

Empower the next generation Weyay

Introducing Jeel, a cutting-edge, secure & age-appropriate debit card that's designed for your children aged 8 to 14 years old.

Little hands, big brains!

Financial education made easy - equip your children with essential financial knowledge through a hands-on experience with our child-friendly app.

When financial independence meets coolness

Jeel goes beyond introducing finance to your children. They learn the value of money & work towards achieving their financial goals to secure their future. Your child would be also eager to choose their preferred color of their Jeel card since it comes in 3 vibrant colors: blue, pink, and yellow.

Jeel is a new digital banking experience for children aged 8 to 14 that offers them a uniquely designed debit card issued under their names and also access to their own Weyay app.

The Jeel card is exclusively available for Weyay customers that are 21+.

A valid original civil ID of the child and a unique mobile number and email address that aren’t linked to an existing Weyay account.

The account owner (e.g. parent) is able to create up to 10 Jeel cards, one per child.