Allowance in, let the fun begin

Rewards for getting your allowance each month 🙋🙋 A few taps and we’ll take care of everything. Get your money directly into your account, no delays.

Get your allowance in a few taps ✨

Just two steps and your allowance is Weyay.

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Rewards every month

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Get a special reward when your first allowance lands, then unlock more 🎁every month.

Let’s celebrate

When your allowance hits your account, you’ll know about it. We’ll be as excited as you are 🎉 It means you’re a step closer to realizing your dreams.

Save it before you spend it

We’ll help you smash those goals 💸 Every month, we’ll give you a nudge to set some of your allowance aside.

Get the answers

If you're a student, 15 or older, have a Kuwait Civil ID (or Kuwait Mobile ID), a smartphone, and never want to wait in line at a bank anymore. Then you can be a part of Weyay, and open an account in minutes!

Everyone is welcome! Even if you're already an NBK customer. 

None! Just snap a photo of your Civil ID or use Kuwait Mobile ID, answer some questions and you're done.

We’re changing the banking game. Weyay is Kuwait’s first digital bank. We empower you – our country’s next generation – to take control of your money and unleash your potential. All from your mobile phone.  

Here’s how…                                                                                             

100%  Fully digital fast instant account opening, instant card issuing, No need for activation, fast card delivery with live tracking.
Just download the Weyay App follow the steps and within few minutes you'll have your Weyay account.