Card features

Your card, your story

It’s your card, so we put you in control. Access it in the app day or night, keep track of your spending, check or change your PIN, or freeze it if you lose it 💳

Make it personal

Customize your card to suit your tastes. Choose your color and make it yours. Which will you go for? team 🟢 or team 🔵?

Tap and freeze

It happens to all of us 🤦 If you think you’ve lost your card, freeze it in a few taps until you find it. Then unfreeze if it shows up, or order a new one if it’s gone for good.

Pick your PIN

You get to choose your own PIN when you open your account. But if you forget it, no problem. Check it in the app, or change it to keep your account safe🔒

Your shopping sidekick

Put your card to work at your favorite online stores, from the second your account is open. Track your spending in the app, and with the help of handy notifications. And enjoy exclusive offers on the brands you love.

Get the answers

We’re changing the banking game. Weyay is Kuwait’s first digital bank. We empower you – our country’s next generation – to take control of your money and unleash your potential. All from your mobile phone.  

Here’s how…                                                                                             

We want to kickstart your story, we know how anytime you spend waiting in lines and fussing over paperwork is time away from you achieving your goals.

We'll provide you with all the tools you need to manage your money, set your goals, & help you save for them. Be your best self, no more struggling with banking paperwork & get rewards just for using Weyay.

If you're a student, 15 or older, have a Kuwait Civil ID (or Kuwait Mobile ID), a smartphone, and never want to wait in line at a bank anymore. Then you can be a part of Weyay, and open an account in minutes!

100%  Fully digital fast instant account opening, instant card issuing, No need for activation, fast card delivery with live tracking.
Just download the Weyay App follow the steps and within few minutes you'll have your Weyay account.

Everyone is welcome! Even if you're already an NBK customer.