Saving just became easier

Saving just became easier

The more you save, the more chances to win

Our saving pot campaign aims at encouraging you to set goals and save money. Weyay's saving pot is not like any other saving methods you know. Guess why?! It gives you the chance to win KWD100 in the draw.

Don't you want to be the winner?

All what you have to do is to save using your saving pot, and for every KWD10, you get one chance to win. The minimum to enter the draw is KWD10. Make sure to keep it in your pot, so you don't lose the chance to win KWD100.


It is a campaign for all Weyay customers to encourage them to save using the saving pots and reach their saving goals. We will have a draw taking place on the 1st week of May for one winner to win KWD500, KWD1000 or KWD2000.
Each customer has 1 chance to win the draw. Allowance customers get double chances to win for each prize.

All Weyay customers with a minimum of KWD50 in their saving pot.

If you withdraw the KWD50, KWD100 or KWD200 this month, you will lose your chance.

You won’t be eligible to enter the draw, you must have at least full KWD50 in one saving pot.