Weyay features

Weyay has more and more!

Get closer to the future with Weyay! Our new technology will make your banking experience much easier 😉. You can track your spending through categorization. That's not all, you can transfer money instantly with your Weyay friends using peer-to-peer! ⚡

Bill Split 💸!

Split your bill Weyay without the stress of calculations. No multiple links, no time wasted and no math required.

Referrals 😎!

Invite your friends to transfer their allowance and you’ll earn KWD 10! You could earn up to KD 100

Digital store 🎮!

You can get your favorite e-cards to enjoy gaming, music or even shopping. iTunes, Steam, Amazon or PlayStation Plus and more! All of them and more are available through the digital store in the app.

Spending tracking! 👀

Weyay allows you to know where are you spending your money and how you can control your budget through categorization feature. It will show your transactions categories and you can change them to fit your needs! 👌

Peer-to-peer! ⚡

Now you can transfer money instantly between Weyay friends. By enabling "visibility", you can find all your contacts using "Weyay". Also you can add messages, voice notes or images when transferring or requesting money! 😉

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Top-up Weyay!

With only few taps, you can add money to your weyay account through k-net, to enjoy our exclusive offers and rewards! 😍

Get the answers

If you're a student, 15 or older, have a Kuwait Civil ID (or Kuwait Mobile ID), a smartphone, and never want to wait in line at a bank anymore. Then you can be a part of Weyay, and open an account in minutes!

Everyone is welcome! Even if you're already an NBK customer. 

None! Just snap a photo of your Civil ID or use Kuwait Mobile ID, answer some questions and you're done.

We’re changing the banking game. Weyay is Kuwait’s first digital bank. We empower you – our country’s next generation – to take control of your money and unleash your potential. All from your mobile phone.  

Here’s how…                                                                                             

100%  Fully digital fast instant account opening, instant card issuing, No need for activation, fast card delivery with live tracking.
Just download the Weyay App follow the steps and within few minutes you'll have your Weyay account.