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Jeel is a new digital banking experience for children aged 8 to 14 that offers them a uniquely designed debit card issued under their names and also access to their own Weyay app.

The Jeel card is exclusively available for Weyay customers that are 21+.

A valid original civil ID of the child and a unique mobile number and email address that aren’t linked to an existing Weyay account.

The account owner (e.g. parent) is able to create up to 10 Jeel cards, one per child.

The Jeel card is a debit card.

The Jeel card can be activated by using it once at any store or ATM with the card PIN.

Our courier will contact the account owner (e.g. parent) to deliver the card within 2-3 working days.

There are fixed spending limits on the Jeel card as follows:

Cash withdrawals: Locally: 500/- KD, internationally: 500/- KD.

In store purchases: Locally: 500/- KD, internationally: 500/- KD.

Online purchases: Locally & internationally: 500/- KD


The account owner (e.g. parent) can activate or deactivate:

Online purchases

Cash withdrawals

The Jeel card be used locally & internationally.

Currently, cash deposits aren’t enabled for the Jeel cardholders.

Money transfers from the app are disabled for the Jeel cardholders.

This depends on the T&Cs of the digital wallet provider of your device; for example, Apple Pay is available for Apple users that are 13+.

Children (aged 8 to 14) can only have one Jeel card under their name.  

The account owner is the primary account holder that creates the Jeel card for the child. You can find the account owner’s (e.g. parent) name under account settings in the Jeel cardholder’s (i.e. child) app.

The app will notify the Jeel cardholder that they’ll be able to create their own Weyay account. The child will have a 6-month grace period to create the Weyay account.