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Swipe To Win Campaign

Swipe to Win campaign is a new feature in Weyay App whereby only new allowance customers can play to swipe between multiple cards and get a guaranteed prize. The feature stays open to customers from the allowance hit date until 6 days from the allowance hit.

Only customers transfer their allowance in September or October to Weyay.

If your allowance is deposited in your Weyay account in September or October, yes.

You won’t be able to benefit from September or October prizes. However, transfer your allowance and stay tuned as there are more similar benefits for allowance customers coming as well.

Make sure you have updated your Weyay App.
You have to be an allowance customer.
Do not forget to swipe your prize within 6 days after the allowance hit the account.

Sorry but you can’t replace the prize because it is based on chances. However, stay tuned as there are more similar benefits for allowance customers coming as well.

Your allowance needs to be deposited in Weyay in September or October.

You cannot choose a specific prize, the winning is based on your chances
The prizes are different vouchers from the below merchants, you might get ONLY ONE of the below:
1. Weyay gifts:

  •  a. iPhone 14 pro
  •  b. MacBook pro
  •  c. Apple watch
  •  d. Apple watch Ultra
  •  e. AirPods
  •  f. iPad Mini

2. STC

  • a. PlayStation 5
  • STC TV vouchers

3. Talabat

  • a. Talabat KWD25 voucher: customer will receive 5 vouchers, each KWD5
  • b. Talabat KWD20 voucher: customer will receive 4 vouchers, each KWD5
  • c. Talabat KWD10 voucher
  • d. Talabat mart KWD3 voucher

4. H&M

  • a. KWD20 voucher
  • b. KWD10 voucher

5. The Wish List

  • a. KWD20 voucher
  • b. KWD10 voucher

6. Motery

  • Free car wash

7. Cinescape

  • Free Two Cinema tickets voucher

8. Arabica

  • Free drink voucher

9. Project Workout

  • Free one month pass voucher